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Default New 2.2 version

I'm really kinda freaked out by the changes made to the game with this new version of the game they've released. Specifically, the new vassal-limit rules make it almost impossible to play the game the way I like to play it.

I started a new game in version 2.2 to test it out, playing England (1066 start). By the time I conquered Wales and about 1/3 of Ireland, I'm hitting hard against the vassal limit.

I don't see how I could even get to form the Empire of Britain since I'd have to go way past my vassal limit to get there. And even if I did manage to jigger my holdings sufficiently to get the Empire created, that would pretty much mean game over since there's no way I could add any new titles or territories after that.

Basically, once you hit the vassal limit, the only way you can add any territory or title is to emasculate your demesne holdings. In other words, in order to grow larger, you must make yourself weaker. Who's going to do that?

So what's one supposed to do with this game after the first 100 years? The first 100 years are usually quite challenging, action-packed, interesting and fun. But after the first 100 years, the only thing left to do in the game is to collect territory/titles/crowns and that's just not possible to do with the new vassal limits.

I guess I'll be reverting back to the old version 2.1.6 so the game stays fun to play.
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