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Default Roy Moore's Senate Run

We didn't have a thread on the insanity in Alabama, so I thought I'd make on. How crazy is this?

In less than a month, the following four events have gone from being unheard of absurdity to very real possibilities:

(1) Alabama, which voted Trump over Clinton 2-to-1, elects a Democrat to the senate
(2) The Senate either refuses to seat the elected Senator of Alabama or ejects him
(3) The US attorney general resigns in order to run as a write-in candidate for a Senate seat he resigned from less than a year ago
(4) McConnel, Ryan, and something like a quarter of the GOP senators will have to explain to the 2018 electorate why a man who, by their own public admission, is probably a child molester is being allowed to stay in the Senate

One of those things is almost certainly going to happen!
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