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Default Re: Revisionism

Originally Posted by Abishai100 View Post
Isn't it interesting how 'folk history' contributes to the 'experience of history'?
Before our modern era, there was no substantive difference between 'folk history' and 'real history'.

Originally Posted by Abishai100 View Post
This is not necessarily a simple, straightforward, or even scientific process, so any romanticized or revisionist approach to 'history-storytelling' requires a rather strict adherence to a sociological definition of 'prestige,' no?


I find the old 'folk history' on this issue far more interesting than the commercial product that was constructed on top of it (and the commerical products that have been constructed on top of that). Commerical products are boring - they exist only to make money. If they fail to make money, they disappear. Non-commerical things are inherently more interesting because they survive without big profits to drive them.
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