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Originally Posted by shekib82 View Post
I have started reading a part of the first book then didn't continue. I binge watched all the episodes until this season a year ago. It is a great series, but it also pisses me off as they keep killing the best characters and keeping assholes. I was so happy when Joeffrey died, that was a rare case where the bad guy got what was coming to him.

I am waiting until this season is over, to download it on pirate bay. I am currently watching the last season of house of cards.

For some reasons these days all series star bad evil guys who get away with what they are doing.
I don't know about that. Ned Stark may have been an all round nice guy, but politically speaking, he acted like a complete idiot on a suicide mission - and succeeded by losing his head. No fucking surprise at all given the circumstances going on (replacing a murdered Hand and repeating it). He just walked right into it all and deserved to die according to the unwritten rules of the high stakes game he was playing so badly.

His son did no better by burning the betrothal agreement with a necessary and valuable ally (Freys) and doing it for a marriage of love with a political nobody. In a feudal world of Westeros that's pure idiocy and madness - and he lost the war, the North and his life because of it.

The Game of Thrones is meant to be high stakes drama and these two Stark guys acted like total rookies from the junior leagues when faced with serious politics as bloodsport as practiced by the Lannisters.

So I just don't see the "good guys" dying out here. Lady Stark maybe. What other good characters died? The Karl of the Dothraki? I admit he was pretty cool and it was a shame to see him die. King Robert seemed like a bit of a drunken fat idiot and he just had to die or there'd be no story here. Danearys' brother was complete idiot and deserved to die.

Danearys, Tyrion and Jon Snow are all pretty good characters and they are all still alive since the beginning, also the 'spider' Lord Varys. Jamie and Cersei are both interesting 'bad guy' characters but have hardly prospered, though they are both alive. They both seem to suffer almost continuously, although Cersei does it in some comfort. Not to mention Theon Greyjoy, he's certainly not been prospering after his bad deeds either. Tywin Lannister did prosper for a while, but ultimately died an unglamorous death sitting on the toilet.

Personally, in the tv series, my favorite character is of course Tyrion. He's such a wonderful fun and entertaining character.
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