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Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
Yes, John Bolton is truly evil, but here is an article on neoconservative warmonger John Brennan who was an Obama supporter, that provides evidence that the deep state consists not only of Republicans, but also of bipartisan or nonpartisan unelected apparatchiki:
The so-called 'deep state' can consists ONLY of unelected apparatchiks, that is to say, career bureaucrats. Political appointees are not 'deep state' by definition.

And there is no actual evidence that any so-called 'deep state' exists. It is little more than a fetish and/or a current fad. At the moment, it is rightwing nutjobs pushing the 'deep state' fetish. Usually it is the far left nutjobs. Same game pushed for the exact same reasons.

It is helpful to remember that the top-ranked 7,000 to 8,000 positions in the US government are all political appointees (that is to say, partisan hacks with short term appointments at the highest levels dominates US government administration - this is a recipe for systemic dysfunction).
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