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Default Re: Canadians on the Cutting Edg of Societal Evo

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
I thought it was a pretty clever ad combining two truths (the Saudi Arabian regime is evil and lesbians are hot) in a probable effort to appeal to anti-tar sand extraction liberals.

Seems like the ad is compatible with social justice so what problem do the Social Justice Warriors have with it? Does it exploit lesbians for nefarious capitalist purposes?

Got an amusing link?
Most of the shitstorm came from American twitteratti (the land of the SJW set) and they made complaints to Canadian government who made noises at the offending party and the ad got spiked pretty quick.

Apparently, from the SJW viewpoint, it implies females as sex objects and that's totally unacceptable to the SJW/feminist set. It is a well established fact that SJW's and militant feminists tend to have no sense of humor.
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