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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Collins is officially "no" now and I think McConnell will pull the bill rather than let it be defeated, so I guess we'll never know the answer to your question.

I would have been very surprised to see Paul or Cruz actually vote "no" on that bill.

I guess this means that unless the Democrats can pull off a miracle in 2018 mid-terms, this bill will likely pass in 2019 on the next try.
They've called off the vote and effectively said they're not trying anymore. I've got to think McConnell at least believed either Paul or Cruz was serious about voting "no" since he's decided to completely give up rather than just delay things until the end of the week in hopes of bringing them around.

One assumes they'll do better with tax reform ("better" in the sense of "political competence," not necessarily better policy). It's all "rah rah, lower taxes!" now, but its going to get ugly later on when the House has to sort out exactly which deductions they're going to try and cut.
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