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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
I respectfully submit that the historical record doesn't support the time sequencing here.

Sistani was originally quite opposed to democracy and elections and favored the Iranian model (go figure, he's Iranian). It was Sadr that was credited with turning Sistani into a 'pro-democrat' and to abandon support for the Iranian-model.

Yes, Sistani is the most influential individual in Iraq, but that's like saying that the Pope is the world's most influential Catholic. It is just a tagline that the western media like to repeat. It sounds good but doesn't mean much in the long run. Besides, Sistani is on his deathbed and has been for the last couple of years.

Indeed, for all the "respect" that Sistani gets, he sure doesn't seem to have much influence. I can't think of a single event in the last eight years that was driven by Sistani. Indeed, I see him on the losing end of several disputes and having to change positions to save face. That's the sign of a symbolic leader, not a real one.
I've held a different opinion of Sistani and Sadr:
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