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Red face Your Opinion On:FreeEnergy!

For This Thread I am Asking This Diverse community your opinions on free energy resources...

Sun, Water Current, Wind, magnetism, and Fire...
These are some of the Earth's many free-energy resources. The Major controversy is that these resources aren't realistic and reliable in all the situations where we use fossil fuels... I personally disagree and am participating in free-energy research myself.

Do you believe it is possible to have free-energy electricity and Transportation?

Do you know of any fossil fuel applications that have been converted or replaced using free-energy?

Can you Imagine a world without having to rely on fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources?

Do you believe a car can travel 3,000+ miles without having to stop for fuel or electricity of any kind?

Answer these three questions and Comment however you wish! I want to know what your opinions on this matter are... -as always thanks for reading
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