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Default Re: Pot legalization in Canada

For anyone interested, marijuana is now fully legal in Canada, coast to coast.

The one downside is that the provincial governments all seem set on trying to run a retail monopoly in each province which is a dumb idea. One of the major reasons for legalizing pot in the first place is to get rid of the illegal/criminal black market. The problem is that government run monopolies create black markets, so this will NOT eliminate the presently existing black market for pot.

Generally speaking, the product on sale here through the government authorized retailers is not as good and higher priced than the existing black market pot (Canada has a history of producing some of the highest quality pot on the planet), so the black market producers/sellers are likely to stay around.

The one upside of this is that the corporate world seems to have bought into the whole retail marijuana market and they desperately want to get in on the game - and they are massively opposed to any government retail monopoly. With the corporate types playing the lobbying game, I expect some positive changes in this respect over the next few years since corporate lobbying usually gets what they want from governments.
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