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Originally Posted by The Drunk Guy View Post
It is disturbingly Orwellian. I find myself searching for ways to become an ex-pat monthly. Especially living in Trump country. Folks around here barely maintain coherent thoughts to begin with, but this new level of lying has really made conversation too difficult to attempt.
I deal with Americans through business on a daily basis. I am constantly amazed how many Trump-worshipping rightwingers actually try to talk politics with a Canadian. Seems like proof of their political ignorance because here in Canada, anyone who says they are a Trump supporter is automatically considered to be a fascist redneck psycho, plain and simple.

What is doubly amusing is if/when I say anything to push-back against their rightwing lies and drivel, they IMMEDIATELY start attacking Obama for being a muslim/socialist and Hillary should be locked up. When I ask them what crime did Hillary commit for which she should be locked up, they just mumble and try to change the subject. Unbelievably pathetic these people are.
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