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Default Re: Is the US Screwing with Russia?

Originally Posted by MeMyselfAndI View Post

Everything and everyone in this world can be bought and sold, including WADA or IOC officials, and especially pathetic tritors like Rodchenkov. Who, I hope, will end up having his sip of Polonium tea in the future. Scum like him do not deserve to live.
Ok. But doesn't that work both ways? Wouldn't it be just as easy to say "everyone can be bought, including Russian anti-doping officials"? The assumption that people are corrupt argues just as strongly (if not more so) for the idea of corrupt Russian officials cheating than for corrupt IOC officials trying to invent high-profile scandal.

As to Rodchenkov, do you think he's lying about the whole thing? Or is he still a traitor even if he was telling the truth?

Again, I know hardly any of the details. I'm just curious.
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