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Default Re: Keynesianism in 4 Simple Lessons

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
Let me add that I don't expect things to go better. Centralized planning and socialism are more popular than ever, and Bernie Sanders might well even get elected as President or Vice President.

I'm just more of less engaging in a "philosophy slam," trying to whittle away extraneous layers of BS and get down to some basic truths, for grins.
Then why are you focusing on the propaganda? If you want to address the issue, address the actual issues, not the propaganda that gets thrown around the issue.

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
I don't expect that a whole lot of people are suddenly going to embrace free enterprise any more than I expect the hundreds of millions of people who embrace the Abrahamic religions are suddenly going to become agnostics.
I'm hardcore classical liberal and always have been. Are you accusing me of being anti-free enterprise? Do you think that Keynes was anti-free enterprise? If you think Keynes or myself are anti-free enterprise, well, then there is just nothing to discuss here.
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