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Default Re: Local Fuel Prices

Originally Posted by Multiplum View Post
But, gasp, we pay MORE TAXES.

I laugh all the way from the doctor's office, of course, so I have to say it evens out again. I'm sure it's awesome to be rich in the US, though.
You haven't been following any republican or libertarian dominated political forums. Anyone in the US can become rich, all they need to do is get a job and apply themselves. If they don't become rich, they deserve to be contained in abject poverty for being lazy. We are having some serious problems with the job aspect of that formula.

Edit: Right now I pay 0 % tax, up to about 7000 dollars. Lovely paychecks, and I work 12 hours a week. Oops, at 23,66 dollars, guess rates have changed since last time I checked. Everything is ridiculously priced here, but it's great to travel abroad.
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