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Default Re: Local Fuel Prices

Originally Posted by Multiplum View Post
Per gallon? Jumping right into this thread (assuming five pages of gas prices is a bit bland) - to say that our prices range from 7-8 dollars, regularly (if my calculations are correct). I suppose it does go below 7 dollars a gallon every now and then.
Yes, European gas prices are always a shock!

Originally Posted by Multiplum View Post
I make a little more than minimum wage, at about 24-25 USD an hour, so I guess it evens out for the little guy. But still, damn that's cheap.
That's about triple the US minimum wage. Two-and-a-half times the Canadian minimum wage.

Indeed, that wage is exactly equal to the average family income in USA (about $46,000 per year) and way higher than the average wage (about $28,000 per year).
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