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Old Oct 15th 2016, 04:07 AM
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Default Silmon Sloan: Eco-Corporate Demonology

Here is a nice short-story fan-fic (comic book stylized) drawing on modern era environmentalism consciousness dialogue themes perhaps pioneered by The Monkey Wrench Gang (Edward Abbey).

How can we integrate politically-indulgent storytelling with eco-marketing?


"Silmon Sloan is the prestigious avant-garde eco-politically invested art-house firm headed by former Wayne Enterprises genius employee Edward Nygma. Dr. Nygma oversees the proliferation of youth-generated comic book stylized 'stick-figure' drawings meant to encourage dialogue about pedestrianism consciousness and populism fervor. Silmon Sloan prodigies have given us evocative 'rugged abstract youthful' drawings such as 'Batman v Leatherface' and 'Squirrel-Girl Gender Apology'..."

As Bruce Wayne continued to read the Gotham Gazette article, he wondered what the proliferation of Leatherface drawings in 'art culture' circles would mean for the media attention drawn by the real Leatherface, a maniacal chainsaw-wielding cannibal (currently incarcerated at Arkham Asylum) who claimed he was the incarnation of the iconic horror film character from the American movie "Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III" [1990].

Bruce (aka, Batman) scrolled over his notes about the psychoanalytical evaluation of Leatherface:

"Leatherface (real name Thomas Jane) believes his chainsaw is a prophetic tool. He seems angry it is considered only a devastating deforestation tool and wants to use it to kill people in the name of primalism consciousness.

1. Prerogative --- to create fear
2. Childhood --- severe abuse by father
3. Method --- hobbling victims

The 'hobbler' signature of Leatherface (Thomas Jane) is bent on presenting the Vitruvian symmetry human man as a mere puppet for disfigurement and contortion expressionism sculptures. A man's head is literally 'knocked off,' his knees 'twisted around,' his arms 'ripped down,' his face 'half-yanked apart.' The chainsaw can cut through the abdomen like butter and render a messy pile of unpitied flesh.

To understand how Silmon Sloan's unfiltered distribution of 'youth-generated comics stylized "Batman v Leatherface" art' is generating anxiety among Gothamites about 'gargoyles in our midst,' we must understand how Leatherface (Thomas Jane) himself is simultaneously gratified and tempted by the hyping of his image in the media.

What is certain is that Leatherface must be kept under tight security for treatment and safety, and if Gotham artists and 'social pundits' want to now borrow the horror-film image of 'Leatherface' for eco-political rationalism (e.g., "His chainsaw is the ultimate anti-establishmentarianism tool meant to provoke radical ideas about anti-industrialization"), we must be conscious of how Thomas Jane would react to 'high press.' Then, we can create a 'responsibility metrics' for Nygma's controversial art firm Silmon Sloan."

SHIVA: Art is a panacea.

PENNYWISE: Batman is fuming.

SHIVA: Well, that chainsaw is a deforestation 'weapon.'

PENNYWISE: It's also a brute's toy.

SHIVA: How will the political censors react?

PENNYWISE: May the gods be democratic!


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Old Oct 31st 2016, 11:12 AM
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Default Chapter 2: The Theta Club (A Raincoat Cult)

This chapter explores the eerie 'competition' posed by a student-led cult called The Theta Club, which may be involved in an anti-federal terrorism plot on Halloween Eve and based in Yale University (a prestigious Ivy League school in the USA).

Could this be a 'Communist Manifesto red-flag' like 9/11?

Everything praises America's educators, so where will this praise blossom?


Silmon Sloan was doing very well, and the Gotham Gazette hailed it as a new age symbol of capitalism achievement. It had gained the necessary 'socio-cultural prestige' to cement it as "the thinking man's Toys 'R Us." Edward Nygma was giddy, and Bruce Wayne (Batman) felt paranoid. "How is Silmon Sloan different from any other mega-corporate entity devoted solely to profit?"

Nygma got a phone call from his business advisor, Baroness Devon. She told him that a new 'underground anti-establishmentarianism faction' calling itself The Theta Club had emerged and chapters sprung up across American colleges and universities --- Yale, Florida State, Colorado University, Boston College, and UCSF. The Theta Club was a self-professed 'raincoat cult,' encouraging its member to wear raincoats every Halloween (rain-or-shine).

Bruce Wayne was reading some of the manifestos and manuscripts distributed by The Theta Club. The chapter at Yale University clearly presented in its mission statement the organization's interest to challenge the social prominence of Silmon Sloan by providing ancillary arguments about the psycho-sociological value of 'pedestrian mobilization.' The Yale chapter printed, "We urge our members to wear raincoats every Halloween, since water falls from the sky (sometimes corrupted with acid)."

A reporter for the Gotham Gazette interviewed the president of the Yale chapter of The Theta Club.

GAZETTE: Why is your organization called 'The Theta Club'?

YALE THETA: "Alpha-Beta-Theta"! 'Theta' is bronze ---meaning true rival.

GAZETTE: Is it important that your 'club' is student-managed?

YALE THETA: Our purpose is to draw the attention of America's teachers.

GAZETTE: Are you critical of the American educational system?

YALE THETA: American youngsters are hypnotized by Silmon Sloan.

GAZETTE: What is your 'academic lesson'?

YALE THETA: Raincoats should be worn without shame.

GAZETTE: Do you believe acid-rain has 'corroded' the raincoat?

YALE THETA: We show the Bollywood film Raincoat to sing about Satan!

Batman sent a memo to Commissioner Gordon of the GCPD:

"I believe The Theta Club will engage in a student-led public act of terrorism on Halloween Eve 2016. The initiative will be spear-headed by the chapter at Yale University, and New Haven (Connecticut) residents will find countless students marching in raincoats with picket-signs that red, 'Acid-rain is a deformity on Earth's beautiful face!' Furthermore, I suspect this seemingly peaceful protest will serve as some kind of 'traffic distraction' for a much more terrifying explosives-related violent terrorist act (perhaps directed at the Connecticut Financial Center)."


Raincoat (Film)

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Old Feb 15th 2018, 11:28 PM
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Default SeaWorld Celebrities

When a celebrity such as Jennifer Connelly (star of Requiem for a Dream) makes an appearance at SeaWorld (iconic chain of water-life parks), people notice that a cross-section of society is involved in environment-focused 'imagination.'

Sure, Aquaman (DC Comics) is 'environment-oriented' too but he doesn't necessarily inspire eco-activism, so SeaWorld *technically* would not inspire 'eco-consciousness' in visitors/spectators. Nevertheless, media exposure of society icons/celebrities making appearances at zoos or national parks or at SeaWorld reminds everyone of the basic global interest in exhilarating/refreshing natural environments (for praise, contemplation, fun, etc.).

Is this the impact of modern-media --- e.g., National Geographic TV, Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, etc., etc.?

If so, how should corporations look to capitalize and how should eco-monitors supervise? This is a question that I think President Trump can and should address!


TRUMP: I'd like to see more magazine ads about SeaWorld.
CARTER: Magazines are being outmoded by Web-surfing interests.
TRUMP: Not necessarily true; people still appreciate newspapers.
CARTER: Convenience is the new hallmark...
TRUMP: Sure, and that's why we like seeing celebrities as SeaWorld.
CARTER: Sure, if you see Jennifer Connelly at SeaWorld, you feel inspired.
TRUMP: Media icons (celebrities) are 'society-customs' diplomats now.
CARTER: Weren't they always that?
TRUMP: No, that developed seriously after MTV/Facebook.
CARTER: How can the government benefit from media groupies?
TRUMP: Photos/videos of SeaWorld remind people of Mother Nature.
CARTER: We need a legal-team assessing media-impact on folk-politics.
TRUMP: That will be the challenge of the modern journalist...


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