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Old Mar 25th 2011, 01:00 PM
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Default Putin and Medvedev's new limos

People here griped a long time about our leaders riding in foreign vehicles, such as Mercedes S600 Pullman that Medvedev and Putin both use

Today, they both want to be seen as patriotic, to increase their popularity ratings.

So, it has been decided, the President and the Premier have ordered new limos, from ZIL, the company that once manufactured limousines for Soviet leaders

Svyatoslav Saakian's design studio at ZIL has been tasked with creating an armored vehicle for the leaders.

This is the final design, that is to be produced, apparently:

Gallery here: http://auto.vesti.ru/gallery.html?id..._id=388843&p=1

Original link: http://auto.vesti.ru/doc.html?id=343132

In the comments section we see how controversial it is, some people say it is about time they started using Russian-made vehicles; others complain Saakian and other ZIL designers are 'trapped in the 70s' with the square, tank-like design, that it looks like a 'freak' or 'monster' and it will be embarrassing for Medvedev or Putin to park this thing next to any Western or other leaders lol

I don't know... I think it looks okay. Anyway, thanks for the 'birthday cake'.
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