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Old Dec 1st 2015, 09:05 AM
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Default "Male Brains" and "Female Brains"

Found this in my news feed this morning. In short: There is no binary male/female division with regard to brain structure (though general differences do exist) or with regard to cognitive ability.

I can't imagine this will be terribly surprising unless you start off with a very rigid view of sex/gender. What's more fascinating to me is how the media is dealing with it. I'm linking this article because it seems pretty well rounded, but if you do a quick news search you can find a bunch of very different interpretations, ranging from the more limited "'purely male/female' brains are very rare" to the more extreme renditions which imply male and female brains are indistinguishable.

The cognitive findings are actually, I think, more important than the discoveries about structure. Anyway, I thought it was interesting...


There's no such thing as a 'male brain' or 'female brain,'

Do you have a male brain or a female brain? The answer, according to science, is no.

If you didn’t expect this to be a yes-or-no question, you’re not alone. Male brains do seem to be built differently than female brains. An analysis of more than 100 studies found that the volume of a man’s brain is 8% to 13% greater than the volume of a woman’s brain, on average. Some of the most noticeable differences were in areas of the brain that control language, memory, emotion and behavior, according to a 2014 report in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews.

To find out whether these structural differences translated into cognitive differences, scientists examined detailed brain scans of more than 1,400 men and women. No matter which group of people they looked at, what type of scan was used or which part of the brain was examined, the researchers consistently failed to find patterns that set men and women apart.

“Although there are sex/gender differences in brain structure, brains do not fall into two classes, one typical of males and the other typical of females,” the team wrote in a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “Each brain is a unique mosaic of features, some of which may be more common in females compared with males, others may be more common in males compared with females, and still others may be common in both females and males.”


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Old Dec 1st 2015, 06:22 PM
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Default Re: "Male Brains" and "Female Brains"

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
Found this in my news feed this morning. In short: There is no binary male/female division with regard to brain structure (though general differences do exist) or with regard to cognitive ability.
No surprise. Male hearts, lungs and kidneys are probably the same as those of females as well.

Where differences lay is in culture. Males and females are fanatically brainswashed into adopting set cultural roles (and socially punished if they fail to adopt brainwashing with a smile).

What would be interesting is to see how [adult] male/female brains may differ based on analysis of the hippocampus. That's where differences [if any] would be most likely to show up based on learned behavior, though of course, I'm not a brain science/researcher.
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