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Online Strategy Games For those interested in playing Diplomacy online.

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Old Mar 4th 2012, 03:20 PM
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Default New 1000 AD

Hey guys I was web surfing and saw this forum and this section. I have a online strategy game you might like if you are an older crowd. Here is description.

Lead some of histories most famous civilizations of medieval times into war, all from the safety of your web browser.

The object of the game is to lead a medieval civilization from a small empire to the top of the leaderboard.You can win two ways by attacking your opponents into submission or exploring past them in this text based game.

You can build alliances, declare wars, produce an economy based around wood, iron, food and gold. Build your army to other empires or send your explorers on missions to gain land. Production of goods, buildings and army are the keys to being the best and top ranked empire. Control your population, aid your friends goods in time of need, defence of your empire and control of the trade market are all part of the quest to conquer this strategy war game.
The civilizations you have to choose from are the Vikings, Byzantines, Chinese, Japanese, Zulu, Barbarians, Incas, Franks, Turks or the Mongols. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


I finished some you tube videos of the game and thought I would post them in case someone might want to check out the game.

Here is the features video from you tube


here is the overall you tube video page


So if you have some spare time and you like those type games, give it a whirl, its free, all you got to lose is time
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Old Mar 4th 2012, 10:38 PM
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Default Re: New 1000 AD

Do you have an alliance?
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Old Mar 4th 2012, 10:44 PM
dogma dogma is offline
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Default Re: New 1000 AD

I am administrator, no alliance.
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Old Mar 5th 2012, 08:34 AM
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Default Re: New 1000 AD

No thank you - strange though it may seem, I've actually got a life.
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Old Jun 29th 2013, 02:40 PM
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Default Re: New 1000 AD


Sorry about bumping the thread since I hadn't posted in quite awhile but have some big changes going on at the site and wanted to let people know. We are moving to a private server today!!! That means no more server crashes and downtime so the game will run a lot smoother.
Other changes since I last posted are we have installed brand new forums, got a new blog for the site , worked on a lot more tutorials to learn the game faster. We have added an auto protection option so if a person doesn't want to explore we do it for them. We will be adding a new game to the site next month as a test server to try out new things. Like new civilizations, Egyptians and Aztec civilization will be added to the game soon also.
Stop by and try out the new server and see if the game runs faster. It better, it costs a lot more You can get to the game through this link


or this page which will lead you to the tutorials, forums and all the other stuff a person needs to learn this game.

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Old Jun 30th 2013, 10:28 AM
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Default Re: New 1000 AD

A game about medieval warfare and "Normans" are not playable?
Remember what the dormouse said: Feed your head!
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Old Jun 30th 2013, 10:59 AM
dogma dogma is offline
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Default Re: New 1000 AD

I am not quite sure I understand the question.
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