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Old Sep 2nd 2014, 09:16 PM
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Default Re: Walking Photoshop

Originally Posted by Abishai100 View Post
The Polaroid instant camera was yesterday's consumerism novelty item that really introduced people to the notion that culture and conversation could be wed.

Now, it is the smartphone camera. It is worthwhile to consider what this new device is doing for the layman perception of the art of photography. Well, what did the personal computer do for the layman perception of computer science?
Looks like the opposite to me.

Personal computers made computer science more popular, more profitable and more respected. Digital cameras are making photography a cheap commodity that anyone can do. Professional photography has become less less popular and less profitable and less respected.

Originally Posted by Abishai100 View Post
Consumerism culture demands quick access to goods and discussion of goods (i.e., eBay, eTrade). Being able to take quick photos of objects and then upload them onto the Internet adds an extra dimensionality to the nifty computer-compatible smartphone camera.
Well, the cell phone was a 1980's product. Cheap digital cameras and internet consumerism were 1990's products. In the 2000's they put it all together into one package. While that's a successful product, that's not very innovative or groundbreaking - just another consumer gadget. Remember the Sony Walkman?

Originally Posted by Abishai100 View Post
Such ideas reveal the art market for Hollywood (USA) movies such as "One Hour Photo" (2002).

It seems that consumerism culture creates a society demand for 'lifestyle mementos.'
No, I think advertising and marketing agencies do that. The need for profit is what drives the marketing/advertising. The marketing creates the demand with 'lifestyle' advertising. The products themselves are irrelevant - all that matters is what will sell and what will make a profit. And a new round of the same game next year, year after year.
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