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Old Jun 26th 2011, 10:16 PM
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Default Miracles prove the unimaginable nature & existen

Miracles prove the unimaginable nature & existence of God

Miracles prove the unimaginable nature and there by establish the existence of unimaginable God. This is the only basic purpose of miracles. Even demons performed miracles through the power of God. God allowed the power to perform miracles through them also because miracle is the basis to prove the very existence of unimaginable God. If every thing is explicable and if there is no existence of unimaginable item, it straightly means that the human being alone is God and there is no God other than the human being. This will spoil even Pravrutti, which is based on justice. If God is absent, hell is absent and everybody tries to do injustice secretly and if the law of court is managed through a strong advocate, there is no fear to do any sin. Even the Governments will fail if such atheism comes up. If Nivrutti is destroyed, the slow consequence is destruction of Pravrutti leading to disturbance of justice in society.
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