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Crusader Kings II Do you like to play Crusader Kings? Looking for help, tips or strategies?

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Old Nov 14th 2014, 11:20 AM
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Default King Edward III - Hundred Years War

King Edward III - Hundred Years War - 1337 Start

This scenario seems like a bad joke.

To begin with, King Edward III of England is given the educational trait of "Midas Touched" - that is to say, a Plantagenet King of England has been educated and trained as a clerk. The same Edward III who led armies in battle as a teenager and had a fiercesome reputation as a warrior? The idea of immersing oneself in the medieval experience of playing King Edward III on the eve of the Hundred Years War just died right there. For added irony, the historical King Edward III was a rather poor steward of the kingdom and bankrupted himself several times, taking down a couple of famous Italian banking families in the process, so giving him the "Midas Touched" trait is just completely absurd.

I thought maybe that educational trait was perhaps just a random chance thing, so I quit and restarted the scenario, but alas, the designers clearly intended for Edward III to be a clerk for it was exactly the same in every restart. Well, I figured, what the heck, its just a game, so I made a few preliminary arrangements and disposed of the stupid excess titles bullshit needed to stablize things and then 'unpaused' the simulator.

First thing I learned was not to bother wasting any time thinking about any strategy, tactics, planning, timing or making any preparations for launching a major war against France. As soon as the scenario starts, the Holy Roman Emperor is going to declare 'de jure' war for Gent against France (which it will do in every post 1066 start). How convenient is that? One would be a fool to pass up an opportunity like that given Edward III begins the scenario with a 'strong claim' on the French crown in his possession.

So, the HRE and France are going to start chewing through big armies and using up all their cash paying for mercenaries even before one can get the English levy raised, assembled and shipped over to France. By the time you get your army to France, the French army is probably down to about half-strength (or wiped out already). Chase down the French army and smash them easily by massively outnumbering them. No need for any mercenaries or calling allies. If you are too slow, the HRE will probably destroy the French army entirely for you.

After that, you can take your sweet time seiging French counties, starting with Paris. Whatever pitiful reinforcements that the French King can raise will be sent to Flanders to get chewed up by the HRE which is sieging Gent. One can split up your army and seige multiple French provinces at the same time. This speeds up the process so much that it is pretty damn easy to hit warscore 100% and French surrender in under three years.

So, the Hundred Years war is over in under three years. King Edward III (the Clerk) is King of France and the Black Prince hasn't even hit puberty yet. That was so easy it was stupid.
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