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Old Oct 29th 2014, 06:55 PM
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Default Spain Start 1066


I've been playing Spain lately and I thought I would write up a walkthrough for a Spain start (Castille 1066) but boy-oh-boy Spain is so unpredictable at the start up that it seems impossible to make any general recommendations!

Castille, Leon and Galicia are ruled by three brothers. Sancho of Castille is the oldest and a warrior - so that's the one I've played a few times. Alfonso of Leon is the middle brother and a webweaver, so if you prefer plotting your way to power, Leon is better. Bascially, the starting position for these brothers is roughly the same, so it is just a matter of preference. Galicia is the youngest brother and the weakest kingdom of the three, so not a likely popular choice.

The problem is that in some starts, all the Christian rulers in Spain will ally with the King of Aragon on his holy war for Aragon (usually announced a day or two after the game starts). In this case, they can usually win that war and that weakens the overall Muslim position in Spain. Alternatively, if the Muslims ally together (which they often do), then the Muslims will likely crush any holy war quite easily with 15,000 troops in the field. But sometimes, the Muslims do not (or will not) ally together and as such, it becomes ludicriously easy to win holy wars.

Alternatively, sometimes Leon starts the game by declaring war on Galicia. In this case, they don't help Aragon with their 1st holy war and Aragon will thus get curb-stomped by the Muslims - unless the Muslims decide not to ally, in which case Aragon with a tiny army of 2000 troops will successfully win several holy wars very quickly and grow very large very fast.

Sometimes the Almoravids (based in Morocco) will move into southern Spain and hoover up most of the Emirs of Andalusia within a few short years. If this occurs, good luck with your Spainish holy war unless you have the cash for a shitload of mercenaries because the Almoravids can muster some really big armies. But in other game starts, the Almoravids don't seem interested in Spain at all.

In other words, the first ten years of the game (1066 to 1076) can witness almost all of Muslim Spain conquered by Christian rulers so easily it is like taking candy from a baby. Or alternatively, all of Southern Spain becomes part of the Almoravid Empire, in which case you pretty much have to wait for the Holy Orders or a Crusade to come available (unless you are so rich you can hire lots of mercenaries).

On this basis, it seems impossible to make any kind of 'start' recommendations for Spain given that game events in Spain can change things so radically within the first dozen years that making any given recommendation seem absurd in the context of your individual game.
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