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Old Jan 15th 2020, 06:51 PM
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Default SCSR - The Death of Philosophy

Scottish common sense realism...

I really wish more people read Thomas Reid since he was the internal critic of the movement, but he's been ignored.

Empiricism as derived from SCSR never seemed to be real philosophy. It inverted the sensus communis of the Ancient Greeks when discussing the Theory of Forms. Whether from a Platonic or Aristotelian perspective, both sides recognized how common sense wasn't about a popularity contest of abundant results. It was about understanding how human nature in general experienced reality and derived intuitions from it. The debate was about whether nature is perfect and humans derived imperfect forms, or if nature was imperfect and people derived perfect forms.

SCSR forgot all about this, focusing not on perfection versus imperfection and nature versus forms, but about what the popular forms were among people who experienced nature. Common sense was no longer a universal construct, but a plural construct which would suggest witch hunting wasn't a problem...

...which isn't really a surprise.

After all, Presbyterianism came from Scotland as well while Ancient Greek philosophy was embedded into Catholic theology. Thomas Aquinas' scholasticism is known for this so much, and even Ratzinger wrote about the issue of dehellenization of the faith which so many traditional anti-intellectuals seemed to revel in.

I don't see how philosophy is supposed to survive in light of this.

The field has become supplanted by psychology. Postmodernism and now metamodernism are grounded not in processing how ideas make sense, but in how human faculties process ideas differently based on the abundance of information flowing around us. It's about addressing subrationality where rationality gets dismissed as too difficult to be bothered, so we jump to conclusions with inductive reasoning based on how much certainty we're comfortable with risking just to participate in society where we don't know what others will do to exclude us.

It's all about social competition and cooperation.

SCSR accommodates this in supporting popularity contests, but you'd think Ancient Greek sensus communis would make a comeback in light of determining nature versus forms over abundances of information.

People don't care though. They just love drama. The excitement of getting things confused turns them on.

I guess that's what the whole transgender debate is really about too. After all, people love mocking others for falling for traps, and making money on dating sites for pretending to be what they're not. Even games have this happen where dudes pretend to be babes just to get attention and free help...

...and if you demand someone validate what they claim to be, you get called a creep despite how those genderfaking are the actual ones.

Form and nature. Nature and form.
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