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Old Aug 7th 2017, 11:34 AM
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Default Consumerism Diocese?

This is a mock-dialogue between Shiva (Hindu god of destruction) and a fictional Devil's Advocate who goes by the name of 'Deformer' (since he is a nihilist regarding 'metaphysics standards').

The dialogue concerns the philosophical 'management' of consumerism consciousness (e.g., Wall Street, eBay, Facebook, European Union, Toys 'R Us, etc., etc.).

How can we coordinate consumerism with Utopianism (e.g., 'TrumpUSA')?


SHIVA: Kids in modern times play a lot of video games.
DEFORMER: Yes, some are sports and fantasy, but others are quite 'graphic.'
SHIVA: Explicit imagery is a trend in modern media (e.g., Fight Club).
DEFORMER: You don't see history-games becoming popular...
SHIVA: Historical figures, though intriguing (e.g., Napoleon) seem 'distant.'
DEFORMER: Yes, kids want to 'grab' at 'avatars' applicable to modernism.
SHIVA: That's correct. The Mortal Kombat avatar Raiden controls electricity!
DEFORMER: Mortal Kombat is arguably the most popular video game.
SHIVA: 'Dramatism' must be tempered by civics consciousness.
DEFORMER: Many graphic video games come with content-warnings/ratings.
SHIVA: Is there a way to offer 'content-warnings' for consumerism?
DEFORMER: Well, there are pedestrian 'jokes' (e.g., "Burger King is fat!").
SHIVA: Maybe people want 'toys.'
DEFORMER: There should be numerous movies about toys!
SHIVA: There's Toys (Robin Williams) and Toy Story (Tom Hanks).
DEFORMER: Improper supervision over 'toy-marketing' could 'mangle' civics.
SHIVA: I agree. Remember the Natural Born Killers copycat-crimes?
DEFORMER: That movie generated controversy, since it 'mangled' etiquette!
SHIVA: The best way to preserve homeostasis is to enforce literacy.
DEFORMER: Convenience-consumerism (i.e., eBay) creates heresy...


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