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Old Aug 6th 2017, 09:11 PM
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Default The X-Files: Reincarnation/Population-Control

This is an awesome thread, and the questions it poses has stirred my imagination for years, and I'm a big fan of the TV series The X-Files which explores these exact 'quality' of questions.

One reason it seems (which others have hinted at!) that we valuate humanity as so 'special' is because it's so gosh-darn intelligent (when compared to flora and fauna!).

Intelligence is very important to the human imagination, and when we think of 'souls,' we often think of the intelligence of a man/woman.

Reincarnation of souls (a theory in Hinduism) is very interesting, since it suggests that souls are 'reborn' and placed into 'new bodies' after leaving the last life occupied by the 'previous inhabitant.' Hence, we get 'past-lives' theories and relevant afterlife-humor films such as Defending your Life.

If souls are reincarnated (or 'recycled'!), how do we explain population growth or decrease? Could souls fragment or merge so as to streamline with the change in numeric size of humans born every generation? Are 'fragmentary' or 'merged-souls' *more* or *less* intelligent than the ones the singe-units of derivation?

Imagine a parallel universe (let's call it 'X') in which the shadows of beings are the actual 'conscious/intelligent' souls/individuals, while the physical bodies wandering around in the light are the 'illusions.' Imagine further that population changes in this imaginary parallel universe are much more dramatic and unpredictable, and the 'shadow-beings' adapt to these changes by constantly merging and fragmenting (and doing so very fast and in ways that even 'confound' the illusory physical body-counterparts these shadows 'shadow').

Would intelligence in Universe X be measured differently, since changes in soul-composition are much more dramatic and unpredictable?

This seems like metaphysics, but it can also be quite...psychological!


MULDER: What if there are aliens hiding in Earth's oceans, Scully?
SCULLY: Mulder, that's unlikely, and why would they keep hiding?
MULDER: Maybe they're simply 'watching' us like anthropologists...
SCULLY: I can entertain such a notion, but are humans 'worth watching'?
MULDER: Interesting point, but maybe these aliens are like musicians!
SCULLY: So you think their interest is purely...'artistic'?
MULDER: Well, I'd hope it was (better than them being 'experimental').
SCULLY: Yes, we don't want uncategorized mad scientists in Earth's oceans!
MULDER: Maybe these hypothetical 'artistic aliens' like mob psychology.
SCULLY: We live in a world of shadows and light, and curiosity is natural.
MULDER: Yes, but humans are considered 'special,' since we learn...
SCULLY: I think we need to explore more 'Orwellian metrics,' Mulder.


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