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Old Oct 19th 2008, 09:01 AM
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Exclamation The Rules - Please Read

The Rules

1. Posting of spam, junk mail and/or commercial solicitation of any kind is prohibited.

2. Posting of illegal, obscene, unlawful, abusive, harrassing and/or obnoxious material is prohibited.

3. Posting of material that violates trademarks, copyright or intellectual property rights is prohibited.

4. Posting of any material that willfully promotes genocide and/or incites hatred against any identifiable group on the basis of skin color, race, ethnicity or religion is strictly prohibited.

5. Multiple usernames are not permitted. You may have only one user account. Usernames may be changed to a different username upon request to the Forum Administrator.

6. Plagiarism is prohibited. Posting of any material that you did not create yourself requires a reference and/or acknowledgement of the source of that material.

7. For the purpose of definining "the law" at Discussion World Forum, Canadian law shall be authorative (because that's the legal jurisdiction where the forum server physically resides).

8. Violation of any rule, or disruptive behavior of any kind, may result in one's posts being edited, modified, moderated, censored and/or deleted, at the discretion of the Forum Moderators. Repeated violations of the rules and/or continuously disruptive behavior may result in a suspension of posting privileges and/or a permanent ban from the forum.

9. Permission to use this forum may be revoked at any time, for any reason, by the Forum Administration.

10. We ask that you will endeavor to be civil and curtious to your fellow members and refrain from engaging in disruptive, insulting or obnoxious behavior at all times.

Special Rules about posting links, pictures or files

11. Posting or uploading of pictures and/or videos with Adult Content, or links to websites with Adult Content, is not permitted.

12. Please note that posting or uploading of music and/or video files to our server is not permitted.

13. You may post links to other websites, provided that such websites are reputable and do not provide Adult content.

14. Any picture, file or link posted or uploaded by members may be deleted or edited by the Forum Moderators. If you disagree with the deletion of any posted content or link, DO NOT REPOST THE CONTENT OR LINK without the permission of the Forum Moderators. Please make an inquiry to the Forum Moderators as to why your content or link was deleted or edited before reposting anything that has been deleted by the Forum Staff.

15. Due to excessive abuse of the rules by link spammers, signature links will be permitted, but only for regular members. New members with less than 100 posts are not permitted to have signature links. The Forum Administrator may grant exceptions upon request.

We thank you for your co-operation in following these rules. Failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension of uploading or posting privileges and/or permanent banning in the case of serious or repeated violations.

A Note About The Rules

While the rules listed here are certainly authorative, this list is not meant to be exhaustive. Various other 'unwritten rules' of civil discourse may also apply. These rules may be enforced by Forum Moderators and/or Administrators at their discretion.
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