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Old May 17th 2019, 04:55 PM
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Arrow Lassa Fever: Prognosis/Teleology

Lassa fever is caused by an arenavirus which creates hemorrhagic fever and massive tissue infection and is therefore treated with the medicines Ribavarin which was explored as a process-option medicine in early days of AIDS research/outbreak (which also saw widespread tissue/cell degradation).

The Lassa virus inhibits cellular protein actions leading to weakening of the human body's natural immune system reactivity(!). The Lassa virus is highly dangerous and is therefore given a biocontainment level/category of 4 (by the CDC), which is extremely high.

Lassa cases have been reported since 1969 and linked to over 500K infections (mostly in West Africa), leading to about 5000 deaths/year.

Since the Lassa virus is observably connected to a devastating weakening of the immune system, it's been treated as a 'modern plague' (since new age diseases/maladies are immunology-relevant, mostly because we think much about traffic, transit, and confluence/contact in this modern age of great travel and exchange thanks to developments in trade and tourism).

We might think of both the prognosis and teleology of the twisting Lassa virus as we evaluate/analyze the rotundness and crippling 'signature' of the disease, since, of course, we're interested in how 'modern maladies' shape our global responses to tourism-devastating imagination.

People are much more wary of traveling to West Africa thinking that they might 'easily' contract Lassa fever and require serious/expensive Ribavarin-oriented treatments(!).

That's why the CDC and the WHO (World Health Organization) work closely with the media now to distribute informative details regarding the appearance and outcomes of high-level diseases which should make transit/travel feel more 'tempered' by safety cautiousness.

How global citizens feel about media resources/reliability in regards to 'modern diseases' makes everyone generally think more 'actively' about malady-thoughtfulness.
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