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Old Jun 6th 2017, 02:03 PM
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Default TrumpUSA: Political Drain?

Media-engaged politics in the modern age requires a focus on pedestrian concerns and reveals the social appeal of civics-centric American TV programs such as Gotham, Madam Secretary, and Anderson Cooper 360.

New age populism centers around human-based storytelling and journalism and draws attention to issues-based drama, which is something the Trump Administration will have to wrestle with as it continues to work with criticisms regarding its controversial use of the media (especially during Trump's presidential campaign which continues to create public protests).

It would therefore be interesting to look at the progression of 'politics-folklore' since the days of Athens (and the birth of democracy) through the tech-developed Gulf War and the modern media-passion of 'TrumpUSA.'

Has 'Helen of Troy' become Connie Chung?

Will 'TrumpUSA' generate its own brand of yellow journalism? In the days of William Randolph Heart, such dialogue was not considered 'creative-writing.'


The New York Islanders and the New Jersey Devils (NHL) had become staunch rivals in professional ice-hockey. The captains of the two teams were divorced from the same woman, now the manager of the Philadelphia Flyers. There were political considerations, since the successes of the Islanders and the Devils would affect how President Trump addressed public interest in investments in media-marketing of sports and athletes in this new era of consumerism. The Islanders and the Devils were squaring off in the Stanley Cup Finals of 2018.

Meanwhile, Trump's science advisor Carter was involved in a public podium involving the pop-culture (comic book art) presentation of Eugenics fears arising from new discoveries regarding 'bio-tech.' Carter was on a nationwide tour visiting colleges and schools and talking about Marvel Comics' fictional science research firm Oscorp, which was seriously invested in creating monstrous genetic hybrids for the U.S. military --- monsters such as the Green Goblin and the Lizard! First Lady Melania Trump was at the Stanley Cup Finals giving a pre-game address about ethics in media and marketing. This was the new politics.



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Old Jun 8th 2017, 07:42 AM
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Default Re: TrumpUSA: Political Drain?

You might want to edit your copy-and-pastes. :P

I think Trump's fine, and will be fine.
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