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Old Jul 9th 2016, 01:39 PM
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Default The '60s: Counter-Culture Tripod

The libertine spirit of the 1960s, when the bohemian (or 'hippie') counter-culture flourished in the USA among teenagers and college students gave birth to a new kind of music, fashion, and philosophy.

True, America is, by definition, a land of intellectual freedom and academic experimentation, but the '60s counter-culture was an explicit exposition of unmitigated libertine pageantry, arguably more festive than the '50s Beatnik (i.e., Jack Kerouac) era, the Roaring '20s (i.e., Great Gatsby) era, or even the Wall Street urban-chic '80s (i.e., Van Halen) era.

The '60s hoisted to immortality liberal musicians such as Bob Dylan who spoke to a 'pedestrian mysticism' and progressive politicians such as JFK who spoke to a 'pedestrian economics.'

Our current era is the era ruled by the descendants of 'Generation X,' network-intelligent computer geeks who rule over a virtual global market. We can perhaps learn about laissez-faire ethics from the 'libertine' counter-culture era of the '60s and use it to understand the unfiltered approach to bargaining-driven economics characteristic of the Gen-X era.

The '60s therefore stands out and can be used for academic contouring.

The question that pops up is, "How can we create an intelligent discussion framework for '60s counter-culture historical analysis?"

Here's a mock dialogue about the '60s counter-culture elements (from an anthropological perspective) between Shiva and Marx (two society figures representing 'alternative academics').


SHIVA: The '60s in the USA created 'bohemian celebrities.'
MARX: The '60s in the USA created 'socialism cheerleaders.'
SHIVA: Hippies have been demonized as impractical.
MARX: Hippies represent an American fascination with free will.
SHIVA: The music of the '60s changed the rules of censorship.
MARX: The music of the '60s was anti-establishment in tone.
SHIVA: Hippies espouse environmentalism angst.
MARX: Hippies endorse environmentalism chivalry.


1960s Counter-Culture

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Old Feb 3rd 2017, 02:58 AM
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Default Modern Podiums?

It is interesting to note that the remembrance of the Counter-Culture movement of the '60s has affected many levels of populism dialogue even in the modern age.

Many American public high schools (such as the one I attended --- Eastern Regional in New Jersey) have students who don various kinds of Counter-Culture praising fashions and styles (e.g., tie-dye t-shirts, hemp necklaces, bell-bottom denim pants, etc.).

These students are interested in donning a general popular culture embracing of Counter-Culture-esque couture equally reflected in popular American music (e.g., MTV videos of bohemianism-oriented modern rock musicians/bands such as Alanis Morissette and Jane's Addiction).

In other words, remembering the '60s is one-part living history and one-part archaeological canonization.


SHIVA: The '60s has become 'cool' to kids.
KRISHNA: Rebelliousness was well-voiced in that era.
SHIVA: Many do not understand the philosophy.
KRISHNA: Fashion suffices the curiosity about 'experience.'
SHIVA: Does this bias teachers?
KRISHNA: Some teachers get annoyed at 'anachronistic fashions.'
SHIVA: Yes, it's why many schools favour school uniform policies.
KRISHNA: '60s fashion-emulation is considered 'benign.'
SHIVA: Right, when compared to 'Neo-Nazi' fashions.
KRISHNA: Teachers should talk about the art of the '60s.
SHIVA: I agree. This would detract attention away from the rebelliousness.
KRISHNA: Historians praise the symbolic '60s rock band The Moody Blues.
SHIVA: Suppose a modern 'celebrity' (e.g., Tom Cruise) made anti-'60s films.
KRISHNA: Suppose also a 'gypsy' (e.g., Tom Waits) wrote pro-'60s books.
SHIVA: Everything changed with MTV.
KRISHNA: Now, we have Facebook!


Eastern Regional High School (Voorhees, New Jersey, USA)

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Old Feb 3rd 2017, 07:10 PM
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Default Re: The '60s: Counter-Culture Tripod

Remembering the "hippy counter-culture" of the 1960's by buying stuff sold by massive billion dollar corporations but made by 3rd world child-labor is a particularly poignant reminder of just how shallow most people really are.
Remember what the dormouse said: Feed your head!
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Old Jul 22nd 2017, 07:14 PM
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Default Traffic-Theater

It's so challenging balancing federalism criticism (e.g., anything ranging from Howard Zinn to Edward Abbey) with liberalism intellectualism, since it's so tempting to cater to 'bohemian consciousnes" (e.g., Kerouac, Thoreau, Beatles, etc., etc., etc., etc.).

Maybe there's a way to coordinate urbanization-related 'storytelling' (e.g., Bright Lights, Big City) with pro-pedestrianism cheerfulness (e.g., Facebook).

The net result might be a more practical way to address how counter-culture 'bohemianism' is so automatically connected to rebelliousness and angst (because there's some intellectual potential there with some of the evocative music of that era).

It's crazy how traffic in the new age makes 'chatter' both liberal and somewhat like 'schizophrenic gibberish.'


TOM CRUISE: We should encourage Scientology and school uniforms.
DONALD TRUMP: Americans could benefit from 'streamlined couture.'
TOM CRUISE: Yes, there's simply too much MTV 'bohemianism.'
DONALD TRUMP: Some say commerce-traffic is changing that...
TOM CRUISE: Well, Facebook is a long way from PBS or National Geographic.
DONALD TRUMP: True, but Facebook has been linked to MTV...
TOM CRUISE: That's because of the advertising it enjoys!
DONALD TRUMP: Is MTV 'purely bohemian' or new age 'rebelliousness'?
TOM CRUISE: For our commercial age, that's a pseudo-political riddle...
DONALD TRUMP: Maybe video games will save the world.


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