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Default Inspector Gadget!

This is definitely interesting, and it really does make you think about strange and intriguing civilization technologies and gadgets (and toys!) human beings are capable of inventing.

However, as with any 'toy' there are rules and guidelines for proper 'play.'

Let's talk about 'toys' already invented that require a more thorough evaluation (in terms of ethics, guidelines, function, etc.) before leaping headfirst into new and wondrous creations such as this very eccentric but fantastic 'space elevator.'

1. Garbage Disposal --- an everyday kitchen item in your sink that can be very very dangerous if you stick your hand in it while it is turned on (i.e., parents need to tell kids, "Always make sure it's not turned on if you stick your hand in it or that no one else in the kitchen is about to turn it on!").

2. Hotel/Building Elevator --- a simple convenience which can become a nightmare if something goes wrong and it stalls (or worse, starts to fall down if the cables snap).

3. Anti-Lock Brakes (Automobile) --- very useful but very frustrating and even scary if they malfunction.

4. Electron-Microscope (Science Labs) --- a very under-valued invention of the modern age

Definitely an interesting read. I'm also intrigued by the ISS (International Space Station), which rarely gets much media attention these days (though there's that Tom Cruise narrated documentary).

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