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Default Re: Breakthrough Listen

Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
True, but algae and bacteria -or far more likely something completely different but equivalent in their ecological niche- don't send out electromagnetic signals. These searches are specific for technological societies with all that might entail. As a philosophically inclined person, aren't you in the least curious about which basic concepts these entities would have?
Sure I'm vaguely curious. But in the big scheme of things, not really.

I suppose I'm just a bit skeptical about scientists being able to figure out the philosophic motivations of some alien race might have had a few million years ago based on some faint radiological tracings in deep space. Our earth-based scientists do have have a rather poor track record (to put it politely) when it comes to dealing with intelligent life forms like ourselves.

We're talking about the people who invented the ideas of alchemy and eugenics. Just remember that Gitmo and the American torture regime was babysat by the American Psychological Association every step of the way.

Or to put it another way, if this SETI v2 does pickup something, I'd bet everything I have that it will be treated as full justification for 100% militarism/fascism here on earth. So I'm not very enthusiastic about giving our ruling elites more reasons to do exactly that.

I'm bored of hearing about Communist, Islamic and liberal evil boogiemen trying to kill us all because of our 'freedoms'. We definitely don't need an Alien-ET version of the same damn thing.

Nothing could rejuivenate Reagan's old dream of a 'Star Wars Defense System' than us finding some trace of intelligent life from a few million years ago. Nothing could weaponize space faster than that would.
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