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Cool Kingdom Creatures(?)

Game of Thrones has become a real iconic TV series and I think it represents a modern backlash against all the tech-themed programs and movies like Tron and Babylon 5. Who doesn't appreciate a good old program about old-world monarchy/kingdom intrigue in this 21st Century of NASDAQ and Twitter?

I appreciate any kind of wry comments/humor that Game of Thrones might offer, since I like juxtapositions of monarchy/kingdom-oriented dialogue/storytelling and psychology/lifestyle irony presentations (e.g., kings dealing with adultery!). After all, we all appreciate kingdom tales of monarchies dealing with social imagination 'troubles,' no?

In fact, it's TV shows like Game of Thrones which remind us why kingdom-themed stories such as the modernism-allegorical Camelot-parodied British comedy-fantasy filmMonty Python and the Holy Grail represent our new age social fascination with the 'evolution' of customs/etiquette, right?

In any case, I rank Game of Thrones with the likes of Gotham, NUMB3RS, The Benny Hill Show, and The West Wing, shows which catch our interests in 'socialization discord' (even if through sarcasm or entanglements!).

Good stuff...


KING: You defy my command to prepare a feast?
REBEL: Not all in this court have thanks to give...
KING: Your defiance will be remembered but dishonoured!
REBEL: Your reign is as clean as that of a turkey...
KING: May your words be recounted by those witnessing beheading.
REBEL: Decapitations in England mean the rise of savages in Arabia.
KING: At least this court/kingdom will forever be...salty(!).
REBEL: To change the monarchy, we need only to focus on thrones.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail (YouTube!)

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