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Default Baileys Irish Cream: Capitalism/Fascism

Consumerism culture is modern and global and it speaks to a pedestrian interest in the streamlining of fashion and couture for shoppers interested in convenience and access (e.g.,, Facebook, eTrade, Wal-Mart, etc.).

When we see the marketing of 'culture-centric' goods/items such as Baileys Irish Cream liqueur or Lucky Charms cereal or Thomas' English Muffins, we might discover a consumer demand for pedestrian lifestyle commodities that reflect a shopping interest in convenient access to 'worldly flair.'

So understanding how consumerism/capitalism might give rise to 'culture-exposure' through simple merchandising informs our evaluation of marketing-based networking (i.e., Wall Street).

Investigating this 'dominion' from a philosophical, political, or even legal standpoint can help us analyze the modern intelligible value of the international currency market (a 'thesaurus' for capitalism dogma if you will) among other things!


CONSUMER: I want to feel like I'm Irish!
MERCHANT: You'll love Baileys then...
CONSUMER: This is more expensive than I thought.
MERCHANT: Good taste is worth the cost.
CONSUMER: So now merchants sell 'taste.'
MERCHANT: It's all about aesthetics, no?
CONSUMER: I suppose Chinatown is aesthetics.
MERCHANT: Drink Baileys and you'll want to see Ireland.
CONSUMER: It's great I can purchase this in America!
MERCHANT: You can purchase Baileys online too.
CONSUMER: What will they think of next?
MERCHANT: Perhaps 'intellectual merchandise'...
CONSUMER: You sound like the Devil.
MERCHANT: I'm merely a 'leprechaun' (a critic)!


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