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Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
Found a few CD's with old games some of which I can't get to work on Vista no matter what so I installed a Virtual PC with Windows 98. It's liiiiiightning fast. I bet I could do things inside it that would run slower on the Vista host

Ah, the good old days when you could identify each and every file on the system and knew (or at least could know) everything the PC was doing.
A lot of times when people virtualize old timey games, they have to put in logic to slow them down. Really old games tied actions directly to processor clock instead of any kind of abstracted concept of time, so when they run on processors that are orders of magnitude faster, things get crazy.

This kind of reminds me of that, in a way.

The majority of modern OS resource consumption goes into high definition rendering and visually appealing graphics. It's a nice way to package it, but in the end, it amounts to planned hardware obsolescence and the hardware OEMs having an unspoken deal with OS vendors to find ways constantly to max out the current hardware offering in order to sell units every few years.

Machines that are a decade old, with the appropriate OS on them, are plenty sufficient for almost all office needs and most home needs as well.
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