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Default Re: Are universities dominated by SJWs?

Originally Posted by NickKIELCEPoland View Post
I'm surprised to hear that. As you say Fox News distinctly gives that impression. But I think Fox may have a point.
The US rightwing has considered universities to be a major public enemy and have been attacking them non-stop for about 30-40 years now. Making up shit about SJW's taking over universities is just the kind of thing that the rightwing attack machine does. The accusation is laughable and absurd.

Basically (or statistically speaking) university educated people generally don't vote Republican and don't believe in god (or do so at far lower numbers than any other social groups) - that makes them a huge enemy of the US rightwing attack machine.

Fox News only has one point. Elect rightwing Republicans and support white supremacy. That's the only point of Fox News and they are damn good at it.
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