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Default Re: Homesexuality and Evolution

Originally Posted by NickKIELCEPoland View Post
So, you can't find a single example. You shouldn't falsely accuse the western media of white washing.
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I just gave "you" as an example. Your way of thinking and speaking. I give you an argument. What's your rebuttal? Find an example.
The flaw starts with your question. You have asked the wrong question and framed the issue around it, just so you don't counter argue what I am saying. Go back and make sense man.
What's the point? Again, if I say you win. You won't win anything. We are here to argue. Argue over the sex thing. Why homosexuality is not a sex thing.

True gay movies are not so subtle about what is is really about to be gay. You don't get it from Will and Grace. You get it from "six feet under" and "angels in America".
It is a sex thing. They start out being confused. The media tells them, it is ok. You are "Born This Way". I gave you the counter argument for that. Born this way is impossible. How would the sodomite spread the gene. He doesn't like to fuck.
So, why tell him that he is born this way. If he is confused, why not guide him to what is best "for him".
Nick, you always say that you are not gay. I suspect that you are. But if you are not gay. Then you must like women. What is it about them that you like so much? Just give me an answer for that. Is that so difficult for you?

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