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Arrow Shiva/Medusa: Tides of Folklore Change(?)

I wanted to entertain the notion that the 'evolution' of folklore/storytelling illuminates how our gods/idols have become more 'pedestrian.'

Imagine for example this hypothetical/mock dialogue between Shiva (Hindu god of destruction/meditation) and Medusa (Ancient Greek demon-goddess of hypnosis/obsession) regarding the civilization ramifications of the variegation of values-relevant gods/avatars in the 'evolution' of folk-mythology (e.g., from the days of Zeus statues to the modern age of Superman comics popularity).

Has our civilization become more...graffiti-like?

What would Vyasa himself say/think?


SHIVA: Kids today love comic book characters...
MEDUSA: Thrilling stories have replaced classic literature!
SHIVA: I like the hammer-wielding Thor (Marvel Comics).
MEDUSA: Weapons used by superheroes symbolize daring.
SHIVA: American horror-films boast a variety of 'avatars.'
MEDUSA: Yes, Jason, Leatherface, Carrie, Candyman, etc.
SHIVA: Such variety reveals interest in 'colorful folklore.'
MEDUSA: What then is the legacy of 'classic' gods?
SHIVA: You mean Zeus, Poseidon, Cupid, Kali, Hades, etc.?
MEDUSA: Yes those 'old gods' were more 'governing.'
SHIVA: The 'new gods' (e.g., Thor, Carrie, Daredevil) are 'radicals.'
MEDUSA: How will today's students view the Mahabharata?
SHIVA: They might say, "Thor's hammer is like Bheema's gada."
MEDUSA: Perhaps colored storytelling symbolizes travel!
SHIVA: Yes(!), today's heroes/avatars reveal 'arrows of change.'
MEDUSA: Change-dialogue is vital for times of 'experimentation.'
SHIVA: Gods such as you and I might be replaced by Captain America!


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