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Default Re: Frank Gehry is still the worlds worst archit

Originally Posted by Michael View Post

And that is precisely what makes him a hideously bad architect.

Good architects use viable building processes and functional materials to produce buildings that are functional and generally considered aethetically pleasing.

Egomaniac celebrity architects push the envelope and design buildings that can't actually function given present technology and material science - because it makes them famous and worshipped as celebrities. The billionaire clients of such egomaniac celebrity architects are just hoping some of that celebrity/fame will rub off on them by paying for the hideous monstrosity that is inflicted upon some innocent city and all its residents.
The economical viability of architecture is just one aspect. If that were always the only consideration, nothing would ever be built except boring square boxes.

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Besides, the media always loves fascists and Gehry's brutally ugly and arrogant architecture is definitely fascistic. That's why it surprises me that you seem so supportive of it.
Albert Speer's shit is fascist, Ceaucescu's People's Palace is, the new presidential palace in Turkey is, but what on earth is fascist about Gehry?
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