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Default Re: Belarus outsourcing

Originally Posted by Americano View Post
Lebanon has long been known for its powerful banking sector. Your central bank has been prudent only because expatriate Lebanese contribute a major portion of small business capitalization. Government is the current problem, attempting to sate citizenry demand for improved standard of living and reconstruction following the disastrous Israeli invasion and occupation.

From the little I know about the circumstances government deficit spending must be curtailed or public debt will require further currency devaluation with increased inflation. Difficult in a democracy as the citizenry can essentially vote itself (in its minds) an endless supply of borrowed money.
Yeah I agree, they should cut spending and raise taxes. But probably the single biggest thing that can bring prosperity to the country is to disarm hizballah.

This said in my field (IT) new companies are opening every few months. It doesn't seem like the economy is suffering on that level, in fact quite the opposite.
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