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Default Angelia

Valentine inspired me to think about the 'politics of betrayal.' I suppose horror films do engage thoughts about 'sociological normality.' For example, after watching Friday the 13th [2009], I thought about how horror film 'ghouls' symbolize human anxieties about serendipity-based intelligence.

So here's a short-story I cooked up (with a new mythology-oriented 'avatar' named Angelia) inspired by Valentine which should inspire pseudo-philosophical thoughts in those interested in academic connections between 'etiquette' and 'corruption.'

In some ways, Valentine is the opposite of Scorsese's film (adaptation of Edith Wharton's etiquette-sentiment novel of the same name) The Age of Innocence.

It occurred to me that one reason American horror films are considered 'low-brow' is because they naturally speak to pedestrian fears --- so it's sort of like going to the doctor's office (you're not interested in flowery).


Angelia was a wicked angel sent to Earth by Satan to corrupt humanity on Valentine's Day. Angelia studied the human mythology surrounding the god Cupid (a cherub-like spirit who causes people to fall in love by shooting magical enchantment-arrows). Angelia realized he was the opposite of Cupid and was interested to see what his contribution to history would symbolize. Angelia made a deal with Satan --- if everyone was satisfied with his deeds on this Valentine's Day, he would continue his 'work.'

Angelia visited the high school in Beverly Hills, California. It was an affluent neighborhood, so the kids/students were rich and somewhat snobby. Valentine's Day was quite the buzz at the high school, since guys and dolls alike were interested in celebrating sentimental chic (and expensive!) romance-themed clothing/fashions and of course chocolate. One girl named Eva wanted to see if her boyfriend Rex (the high school football team quarterback) was simply going to buy her another box of very expensive white-chocolate.

Angelia watched over and observed the activities of Eva. He decided that he would 'stalk' her and confound her romantic and sentimental relations this Valentine's Day and see how it would affect her perspective on affluence, luxury, romance, and betrayal. Angelia went to a nearby university library to read about the studies on the reliability of social contracts from an anthropological perspective (to deepen his understanding of civilization context). He studied about the Magna Carta, the US Constitution, and even the Hippocratic Oath. He started formulating 'links' between sentiment and governance.

Angelia returned to spook Eva. He started dropping fake love-notes in her locker with eerie handwriting, so she would think it was something unusual her boyfriend Rex did, and that's just what Eva thought. "What is Rex up to? He shouldn't try to be awkwardly creative and just send me some expensive box of white-chocolates!" Angelia then had boxes of expensive white-chocolate planted in the lockers of two of Eva's favorite girlfriends. When her friends approached Eva, she was enraged and thought to herself, "Rex is trying to court my girlfriends to see who will appreciate his expensive white-chocolate gift on Valentine's Day more!" Eva swore revenge.

Eva decided to go to Rex's house the night before Valentine's Day with a box of chocolates with bugs crawling inside (as a wake-up joke and furious insult!). She knew Rex's parents had gone to their lavish beach-house for the weekend, so Rex would be home alone (he didn't even have any pets). When she got to the door, she was surprised to find it was open. She let herself in and was horrified as she followed a trail of blood-stains all the way up to Rex's bedroom. When she walked into Rex's bedroom, Eva found his dead body (his throat was slit and he had a knife in his hand) next to an apparent suicide-note he had written.

Angelia had convinced Rex to kill himself by suggesting to him that high school rumors that he was planting white-chocolate gifts in the lockers of Eva's girlfriends made people think Rex was unsure of his affections towards Eva (a very popular and attractive young woman) and towards women in general! Rex realized people at his gossip-obsessed high school would think he was experimenting with homosexuality, and he didn't want that kind of gossip circulating about him, especially since he was getting ready to be a high-profile player on the UCLA college football team, which gets national media attention every autumn.

Eva read Rex's note and evaluated what happened, while Satan congratulated Angelia for a job certainly representative of 'anti-sentimental human angst' (Angelia then considered becoming an annual Valentine 'monster'):

"As a 'rich white boy' getting ready to play high-profile football for UCLA, I didn't feel comfortable having wild rumors that I was experimenting with homosexuality or betraying my girlfriend. I have a terrible past. My mother's sister was very abusive towards me before committing suicide (while my parents divorced temporarily and left me in her care). The haunting memory motivated me to think about the social ramifications of prestige, betrayal, and emotional corruption. I'd rather be a ghost than face this Valentine's Day with this 'stigmata.' Farewell, cruel world!"


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