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Default Re: Homesexuality and Evolution

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
Did you choose who to be attracted to?

I didn't. I have a thing for petite brunettes, but as best I can tell I had no hand in choosing that preference. In fact, pretty much all my experience with physical attraction demonstrates that it is something my consciousness is [often unwillingly] affected by, not something I consciously choose to create.

Why would I assume that the attraction experienced by gay men and lesbians is any different?

And really, if we can really just choose what sexual orientation we want, who in their right mind would ever choose one that invites so much social stigma and persecution?
Fine. I gave you a scientific test. I am not able to do it here in Lebanon. They will burn me at a stake. Go and get it to some European and American university.
And while you are at it, I am willing to volunteer. Not that I like to watch porno women play with their pussies. It is my experiment. So I am willing to do this for the sake of science.
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