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Lightbulb Trench-Coat Dream-Theory

There's definitely a connection between fashion/media and youth-culture/education, so we could think about 'links' between pedestrian 'couture' (e.g., London Fog) and the 'prestige' associated with self-expression/rebelliousness (e.g., school uniforms).

I mean, does consumerism-culture automatically make us 'robots'?

There's no reason we can't 'use' media culture to our advantage and think about anti-civilization 'comedy' more optimistically. That's the only way IMO to come out of our 'juvenile-detention' mentality approach to youth leadership (e.g., Kids).


TEACHER: We are considering school uniforms.
STUDENT: That'll take away from our right to be individuals...
TEACHER: Not true; it will take away the peer-pressure of 'fashion.'
STUDENT: We prefer our "MTV liberties."
TEACHER: Well, it's producing drug-abuse and juvenile-delinquency!
STUDENT: What do you propose? Bow-ties in gym class??
TEACHER: No, we propose more 'decorum' in-and-out of the classroom...
STUDENT: In that case, we want more school field trips.
TEACHER: That's a swell compromise. We could visit Longwood Gardens.
STUDENT: Maybe we simply watch too much television...


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