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I consider the distance to be merely a difference of degree. The first railroads, steam-ships, airplanes and cars were all quite limited, inefficient and puny little things that were slow and short ranged.

The key purpose/form/function of the space elevator idea is to use an elevator/crawler going up a cable to reach up to space. The design-proposal of the OP does fit that general description even if it doesn't reach all the way up.

The key 'engineering' fact about space flight is that lifting anything up from earth surface up to orbital levels requires ginormous amounts of rocket fuel - primarily consumed for the initial segment of the flight. Using a smaller-scale space elevator thingie still makes sense because the distance that it does apply to is the hardest part of the process. Having an elevator and platform access twelve miles up would thus be a great benefit and boon for any kind of orbital development and even near-space explorations. Launching stuff from twelve miles up would require one hell of a lot less energy then launching stuff from ground level.

Basically, I see the first stage of any near future space development to take the form of large orbital stations - actually constructing them up there from pre-fabricated pieces made down here. Even a low level twelve mile space elevator would be a major step in that process.
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