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Default Happy Halloween!

Here's an addendum ---

the Komarov Brothers make such a splash that they inspire the demonic spirit of Pennywise the Dancing Clown to make a 'consumerism gesture' every Halloween.

Who says consumerism has to be boring? Have a favorite Halloween 'candy-brand' you want to share? I prefer Kit-Kats and Butterfinger.

Happy Halloween!


KIDS: Trick-or-Treat!
PENNYWISE: Oh, I love children...
KIDS: Have any candy?
PENNYWISE: I have a ton of McNuggets!
KIDS: Chicken nuggets?
PENNYWISE: Ooh, yes, and they're pre-wrapped in aluminum.
KIDS: Weird...but cool!
PENNYWISE: I knew you nice kids appreciate Ronald McDonald.
KIDS: He's the best clown ever!
PENNYWISE: What? What about me you ungrateful rodents?!
KIDS: Whoa, you're mean!
PENNYWISE: Hahahaha! Mean...and cruel. Now scram.
KIDS: What's with you, mister (you're dressed like a weirdo-clown).
PENNYWISE: I am a weirdo-clown, and I hate Ronald McDonald!
KIDS: Why did you give us McNuggets?
PENNYWISE: That's the gag!


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