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Default Re: Facebook Evolution

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Yes, that's true. Good to see that you are coming around to understanding this important point.
Sarcasm greeted by more sarcasm....


I think you have it backwards. Those games are popular because people are gluttonous self-absorbed pigs.

Games don't change people. Games are designed to pander to people.
Well yea, hence why I said "if that's what people want".

I may think this shit is silly, but I'm not going to propose laws or rules to prevent internet companies from offering silly games.

Utilitarianism may be ugly, but it at least it doesn't prescribe or limit liberty. Ergo, I can live with it.

And I fail to see the relevance of MPT to this issue. We are talking about people playing games here.
MPT talks about a correlation between utility and wealth, yet the "wealth" harvested in these games generates no real utility at all other than the satisfaction of doing what's cool from playing along with other players and admiring sparkly graphics for symbolism alone.

The taste has no possibility for intrinsic value, so there isn't even a spectrum for interpretation.

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