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Default Re: Eyesore of the Month

Originally Posted by Pestilence View Post
During the mid 70’s I lived in Freiburg im Breisgau. There’s a fine gothic cathedral (the Freiburger Münster from about the year 1230) from where the town got its beginnings. The structure’s got the necessary gargoyles, of course. You know what a gargoyle is, right …………. ?

…........... right.

After living there about 3 months I noticed several people standing there, looking up at the cathedral, smiling and commenting. Well! That there ain’t no gargoyle!

In those days the first structures to be constructed in any would-be community were the church and the homes of the most influential people around it. That was the centre of any town.

The story goes that as the cathedral was being built the architect had a serious disagreement with one of the prominent men, a trader, whose house was also going up, so to show his hatred for the guy the architect expressed himself in his work. Now, when it rains the water is funnelled through it and shoots forcibly out of his asshole ….. in the direction of the house of you-know-who.
It was not uncommon at all to use gargoyles as drainspouts in medieval buildings, though I admit this is a particularly amusing application!
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