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Default Re: Facebook Evolution

Originally Posted by The Drunk Girl View Post
The damn thing just keeps on growing and has already outlasted what MySpace ever did.
Bemused giggles. You state the point but miss it at the same time.

MySpace used to be as big as Facebook. That was the last fad. Facebook is the present fad. Five years from now, Facebook will be as passe as MySpace (and Napster and AOL) are now.

I do remember being told that AOL was going to rule the net. Then I was told that MySpace redefined the net. Now I'm being told that Facebook is the ultimate. I just ignore these fads as they don't seem to last very long.

Btw, Facebook has a minimum age of 13 years old. Unofficially however, Facebook's fastest growth these days is coming from the elementary school set.

Need I say more?

Btw, my little niece's elementary school just discovered that over 60% of their students, all under 12, were on Facebook, prompting a form letter message to parents. Several of these kids had over 500 "friends" on Facebook.
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