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Abishai100 Jul 12th 2017 04:09 AM

Brothers Komarov: A Consumer Game
This is a consumerism-culture consciousness vignette meant to throw an incendiary 'monkey-wrench' into our commerce-indulgent TrumpUSA sensibilities.

The last U.S. celebrity president gave us Reaganomics and generations of protesters, so what kind of civilian response(s) will 'Trumponomics' generate?



The Komarov Brothers (Ivan and Igor) were, respectively, an electronics and TV-installation company employee and a office water-delivery company employee working in Moscow. They decided to start blogging on the Internet about media angles towards pro-populism 'idealism.' After watching the Tim Burton vigilantism-daydream comics-adapted film Batman Returns, Ivan and Igor started thinking about how everyday people might want to dress up in costumes, pretending they were vigilant about social norms/values. That's what their blogs were inferencing.

A son of a Hollywood movie star was involved in a high school drama club production of Batman Returns, which included the casting of the costumed underground crime syndicate called the Red Triangle Gang. This aspiring thespian named Brian saw Ivan and Igor's blogs on the World Wide Web and decided to promote ideas in his high school and community about 'social vigilance' in the modern age. Brian was the ideal 'candidate' for the 'game' Ivan and Igor were constructing for America (and the world!).

Ivan and Igor decided to rob 10 banks across Europe, wearing ski-masks and pretending to be PR-stunt representatives of American movie studios such as Sony Pictures. They then posted pictures of themselves robbing the banks, claiming that these images represented a call-to-arms for world citizens to consider the value of federalism and banking in the age of commerce-gauged politics. Ivan and Igor were big fans of the American NHL team the Pittsburgh Penguins and its two new-gen superstars Malkin and Crosby, so they decided to motivate Pittsburgh residents to model themselves after Malkin/Crosby and engage in public acts of politically-conscious 'vandalism.'

The Trump Administration felt the sociocultural ripples of this Komarov Brothers 'game' when various Pittsburgh residents started performing all kinds of 'anti-consumerism' street-politics gestures, claiming they were like Malkin and Crosby --- superstars with a media flair! President Trump said tot he press, "We think whoever is the mastermind of this 'cultural turbulence' needs to consider more peaceful, civil, and democratic methods towards social protest and not instigate the hockey-loving people of Pittsburgh!" Ivan and Igor were thrilled everything was going according to plan, until Brian threw a monkey-wrench.

Brian recruited members from his high school to dress up as the Red Triangle Gang one Halloween Eve and release 1,000 spiders onto the White House lawn and then post pictures of spiders on the Internet, claiming "The Penguins are no match for the 'Red Triangle Spiders' who have much more to say about 'capitalism indulgences'!" Ivan and Igor read about this 'deed' and realized their little 'culture protest catalyst game' had sparked off a potential 'Anti-Rationalism Revolution.' President Trump was smoking a cigar in the White House and remarked to himself, "Well...welcome to the age of media and monsters."






Abishai100 Oct 11th 2017 10:33 PM

Happy Halloween!
Here's an addendum ---

the Komarov Brothers make such a splash that they inspire the demonic spirit of Pennywise the Dancing Clown to make a 'consumerism gesture' every Halloween.

Who says consumerism has to be boring? Have a favorite Halloween 'candy-brand' you want to share? I prefer Kit-Kats and Butterfinger.

Happy Halloween!


KIDS: Trick-or-Treat!
PENNYWISE: Oh, I love children...
KIDS: Have any candy?
PENNYWISE: I have a ton of McNuggets!
KIDS: Chicken nuggets?
PENNYWISE: Ooh, yes, and they're pre-wrapped in aluminum.
KIDS: Weird...but cool!
PENNYWISE: I knew you nice kids appreciate Ronald McDonald.
KIDS: He's the best clown ever!
PENNYWISE: What? What about me you ungrateful rodents?!
KIDS: Whoa, you're mean!
PENNYWISE: Hahahaha! Mean...and cruel. Now scram.
KIDS: What's with you, mister (you're dressed like a weirdo-clown).
PENNYWISE: I am a weirdo-clown, and I hate Ronald McDonald!
KIDS: Why did you give us McNuggets?
PENNYWISE: That's the gag!



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