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  1. Canadian Politics
  2. Brown in deep trouble
  3. Greenland separates from Denmark
  4. China pursues universal health care
  5. Rise of Red Toryism?
  6. French Politics
  7. Alberta makes evolution optional...
  8. Election in India
  9. School Prayer in UK
  10. European election results.
  11. Plurality vs Proportional Representation
  12. Alberta Politics
  13. Sarkozy proposes banning burqa in France
  14. Can Cameron Redefine Britain's Conservatives?
  15. Japanese Election
  16. German Election
  17. EU and Treaty Of Lisbon
  18. Greek Election
  19. My Prime Minister Gets High ...
  20. Canadian Torture Scandal
  21. Swiss vote to ban minarets!
  22. Fight over Canandian Gun Control Law
  23. British Inquiry into Iraq War argument
  24. Saudia Arabia bans Valentine's Day
  25. British Politics
  26. Racism alive and well in tolerant Canada
  27. Seal of Approval
  28. Canada's Social Conservative Revolution?
  29. Socialist Party sweeps French Regional elections
  30. Subway terrorism in Moscow
  31. Canadian Arctic Summit Fail
  32. British Election
  33. Fascism and its re-emergence in Europe
  34. Greek Crisis
  35. Equality, and Russian North: don't mix.
  36. Physical punishment of children, yes or no?
  37. Trouble in Europe
  38. Canada's Liberal Party is failing
  39. Miners fight for their rights
  40. G8 and G20 Summit Boondoggles
  41. German President forced to resign
  42. Chinese Courts ban torture-evidence
  43. Muslim Bro-hood backs ElBaradai
  44. Philippine Presidential, Congressional Elections
  45. Sochi 2014: expect violence
  46. Kyrgyzstan asks for Russian military forces, as
  47. South Ossetia: the future
  48. Operation begins to take down 'Chechen bin Laden
  49. Somaliland and the
  50. Police shut down Nazi commemoration parade
  51. France and the Burqa
  52. Unolympic life for Olympic builders
  53. Rising China - Rising Fears?
  54. Russian Obama
  55. Canada
  56. Australia's new PM has a vagina and no faith!
  57. Russian Forest and Peat Fires
  58. Wyclef Jean to run for Presidency of Haiti
  59. Cameron slashes British military
  60. Presidents of North Caucasus republics to ask fo
  61. A question
  62. Northeast Passage
  63. ‘Grand Prince of All Russia’ wants Kremlin back
  64. Government protects, encourages racial violence
  65. LOL Austrian Politics
  66. Moldova rebel region marks independence
  67. German Military Reforms
  68. Canadian vote to ban the long-gun registry
  69. About bloody time :)
  70. Turkish Referendum
  71. Russia and Norway resolve Arctic border dispute
  72. Sarkozy's Effort to expel the Roma
  73. The EU, France and the Roma
  74. Life above the polar circle
  75. Kremlin issues new assassination regulations
  76. Swedish Election
  77. University girls make sexy calendar for Putin
  78. The Russian Navy
  79. Return of the Habsburgs in Austria?
  80. British Defense Cuts
  81. Russian Regional Elections
  82. What you put into the ground, you reap later
  83. French General Strike
  84. Multiculturalism has "utterly failed"
  85. Man jailed for kidnapping drug addicts and forci
  86. Rise of India & China
  87. When the future is uncertain
  88. In Ethnically Diverse Russia, 2010 Census Presen
  89. Multiculturalism has "utterly failed"
  90. Russia sinks lower in global corruption rating
  91. A question of genocides
  92. Mohammed most popular name for baby boys in UK
  93. Lula's protege is Brazil's 1st Woman President
  94. Visa application for the uk, think again serious
  95. Right to own weapons
  96. Japan ends up in an 'island blockade'
  97. 70,000 Moscow Muslims assemble for Kurban Bairam
  98. Why a civillian should not be in charge of army
  99. Moscow taxi
  100. Irish Bailout
  101. German Economy is Strong
  102. Ukraine may join Customs Union
  103. Is a storm brewing in Europe?
  104. Russian families with 3 or more kids to get land
  105. Lenin statue blown up near Saint Petersburg
  106. Riots in Britain
  107. Abkhazia to return property to Russia
  108. Will there be a civil war soon?
  109. Hugo Chavez gains dictator-like power
  110. Where does it suck to live more?
  111. Iraq
  112. Medvedev CRITICIZES Putin!!!
  113. China
  114. Canada to buy Mistral Class LPD?
  115. “An International Symposium on the Potential for
  116. Ukraine strips nationalist leader of honor
  117. Question of a lightbulb
  118. Tunisian Revolution
  119. Land conflict + no birth control = bad things
  120. Russia wants to bury Lenin?
  121. The Canadian Arctic
  122. ICD - The Rise of Africa
  123. Trouble in Egypt
  124. Duma passes new Law on Police despite protests
  125. Interview with Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov
  126. Racism or genuine fears?
  127. Dagestani Muslims fight back against Wahhabis
  128. Mayor says homeless persons should be shot
  129. End game for Ghadaffi
  130. Is revolution possible in Russia?
  131. It’s difficult to trust...
  132. You say you want a revolution?
  133. Vice-Governor's son caught in Nazi SS uniform
  134. Will Harper get canned finally?
  135. Medvedev CRITICIZES Putin!!! Again!!! :)
  136. Reform gone wrong
  137. Canadian Election
  138. Become homeless in a day
  139. One sheman vs the system
  140. Bad day for freedom of expression/religion
  141. Putin, Medvedev may both run for president 2012
  142. Referendum in Britain, 5th of May
  143. St. George's Day
  144. Is France right to ban the burqa?
  145. Should Saudi-Arabia open gay clubs?
  146. "At Stake...Survival of the White Race"
  147. China vs India
  148. Should Scotland become independent?
  149. Good news as Moscow court clamps down on violenc
  150. Formula 1 and envionment?
  151. Which animal's dung did you last step in?
  152. Putin's girlfriend earns $500,000 in 2010
  153. Norwegian Constitution Day (17th May)
  154. Socialists
  155. Decline of Centerist Political Parties
  156. Mubarak to stand trial
  157. Left wing Candidate likely next President of Per
  158. Let the world know the meaning of peace!
  159. Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's husband is90
  160. Photo of Putin's son
  161. Greek Protests & the EU
  162. Public transport
  163. Customs Union eliminates internal borders
  164. Should drivers over 85 be tested?
  165. Homosexuals = Zoophiles
  166. Woman dies having sex with dog
  167. Russian Regulations On Abortion Increased
  168. Putin's Army... lol
  169. China and Christianity
  170. Russia today:two puzzles about it
  171. Putin's Popular Front, Russia's new ideology
  172. Berlusconi's assessment of Italy's banksituation
  173. FSB breaks up armed plot against government?
  174. Urban Violence in London
  175. Polish Parliament elections, 9th October
  176. The Tandem of Power
  177. Russia enacts new rules for birth clinics
  178. The "Royal" Canadian Military
  179. Government sues 5-month old twins
  180. Requiescat in pace, Jack Layton
  181. Kim Jong-il is in Russia
  182. A real mad house...
  183. State leaders: who do you trust?
  184. Officers of Justice
  185. Polish Prime Minister on gays
  186. Orthodox priest, actor... President of Russia?
  187. Putin is a tankist now too :)
  188. Noisy neighbours
  189. Saudi: Rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes
  190. Pro-Russia party wins Latvia election
  191. Journalist sentenced for criticizing Church
  192. Medvedev to step down next year
  193. Russian far right to fight for power
  194. Russia introduces chemical castration for pedoph
  195. Happy Birthday!
  196. Education in Finland
  197. Gay asylum seekers
  198. Moscow Riots II
  199. Of flowers and pepper spray
  200. Pirates take over battleship
  201. Unemployment
  202. CIS Free Trade Agreement
  203. Rocker mocks Putin
  204. Ghadafi's death and Libya's future
  205. New Canadian Navy Ships
  206. Euro/EU Crisis
  207. Botswana; homosexuality
  208. A German historian's view of Germany's new role.
  209. What would you do?
  210. Russia's new national ideology
  211. Interfering with interferers - acceptable?
  212. Burqas in nurseries / kindergartens
  213. Greece
  214. Attack on freedom of expression
  215. One nationalist that I do respect
  216. From Governors to Warlords
  217. Gender Equality
  218. Sarkozy and Obama on Netanyahu
  219. Assisted Suicide
  220. 21,000 Kosovo Serbs seek Russian citizenship
  221. Propaganda of Homosexualism
  222. Spain goes from left to right
  223. Britain's pension age: men/women
  224. Will the Association Agreement be signed to the
  225. Pressure DOES work! :D
  226. Duma Elections: an early New Year lol
  227. Gay propaganda, thread II
  228. Ridiculous Afghan legal system
  229. British Austerity
  230. Just voted.
  231. Who wants to buy european government bonds?
  232. Which is the least bad option?
  233. Is the Euro Area replacing the EU?
  234. Soldiers on the streets again...
  235. More sad than funny...
  236. "Virgin birth"
  237. The Sawlosersawwinngeraissance
  238. One good thing about the recent protests
  239. Prokhorov is back
  240. Weighting up all the pros and cons of the member
  241. Putin's sense of humour
  242. More candidates
  243. Vaclav Havel has died.
  244. Putin:
  245. Kim Jong Il has died
  246. Should Putin stop rigging elections?
  247. Construction, noise, lack of safety, lawlessness
  248. Russia political reforms?
  249. This is how "progressive" Russian opposition is
  250. Presidents of Azerbaijan, Armenia scuffle